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The Goddess Experience Set

The Goddess Experience Set

The Goddess Experience Set was curated for those looking to deepen their self love practice by tapping into the Goddess within. Invite opulence, beauty, love, and reverence of self into your life through sacred ritual.  It is time to remind ourselves of our beauty within and without, to define what luxury and lavishness is for ourselves and to romanticize our lives. We are more than deserving, we are WORTHY.  Draw your bath water, sprinkle in your rose petals, spark your incense, and press play on the Goddess Experience Playlist. Close out the Experience by massaging the Aphrodite Serum on your body and reciting affirmations of love, beauty, and honor while looking at the most divine creation this side of Venus; YOURSELF!


Create your own Goddess Experience nightly by yourself and/or deepen the bond of intimacy by doing this ritual with your partner.  


The Goddess Experience Set Includes:


-The Aphrodite Serum 

(1) 2ml Reiki Infused Anti Wrinkle and Skin Rejuvenating Face and Body Oil. 

100% Vitamin E Oil, Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil, Coconut, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil


-Personal Mirror 

The Goddess Aphrodite is usually featured holding a mirror symbolising "revelation and truth". As you gaze into the mirror through the eyes which are often said to be "windows to the soul" and speak the affirmations included, allow the truth of who you truly are, which is pure love, to rise to the surface. Mirror work or "play" is a practice that deepens your self love and friendship with yourself. It is suggested that you carry this mirror and recite your affirmations while gazing at yourself especially when you may be struggling to find kind words for yourself or others. 


-Frankincense & Myrhh Incense

Frankincense and Myrhh provide an atmosphere of grounding by soothing the mind thus bringing an emotional detox that allows you to be more present with yourself. 


-Dried Rose Petals

Add to your bath water or sprinkle on counter or tray to amplify feelings of opulence and self-designed luxury. 


-2 New Moon Charged & Cleared Rose Quarts Crystal Hearts

Program these crystals with intentions you are ready to experience around love & beauty and carry them with you or place under the pillow you sleep on. 


-Affirmations Card 


-Apple Music Link to 'The Goddess Experience' Playlist

Curated to set the mood to be with your beloved self. 

  • Special Notes

    No Refunds

    Spot test product before full body use

    If you have any allergies or known adverse side effects to any of the above listed items and/or ingredients this blend is not suitable for you 

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