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But is it Comfortable Though?

It's been a hot minute since I've posted anything, but I wanted to share some thoughts I had today. I am getting ready to step into a new work role after having been exploring self-employment over the last 10 months. Working for myself and having a lot of course corrections over these months has allowed me to look at so many things from entirely new perspectives. Values, polarity, comfort, to name a few. This whole year made me recognize the way I "valued" myself, how much polarity I existed in, basically how much I resisted rather than accepted the duality within myself and nature, and how comfort is a foreign theme for me.

As I was prepping my equipment for my new role, I realized how much I have subscribed to "comfort zone" preaching. How you must take a risk, or you get no reward rhetoric. How you must forfeit what you know and enter the unknown, blindfolded and alone to get what you really want out of life. The reality for me and maybe for some of you reading this is, I've never known comfort let alone had a whole zone designated for it and maybe that is a part of what I am here to discover. I have rarely been comfortable and have risked it all quite a few times for shit that barely produced anything.

Language matters to me and I know that it can be a vehicle that drives you straight into your personal heaven or create a living hell for you. It’s made me wonder if it might be time to stop demanding that people to get out of their comfort zones and instead suggest that they evaluate their “familiar zones”. Is familiar working for them? I think just the subtle switch of those words, familiar for comfort, would do us all good. Comfort offers peace, softness, security which increases our capacity for expansion, presence, and creativity. Atleast that’s what I have found. Allowing myself to move away from viewing my comfort zone as something to be avoided, I am leaning into what feels aligned and good to my body and inviting more of that into my life- essentially creating comfort.

This discovery isn’t for everybody and in no way am I encouraging or advocating for folks to not to take wise risks or trust their intuition but for those that relate to long time survival-based living this might resonate with you. Whether it resonates or not, play around with your language connected to comfort and see what feels better to you. See if different perspectives become available when you switch certain words in your vocabulary. Journal about your relationship with the words comfort and familiar. You never know what might reveal itself to you.

Any who, I have been on a social media break asking myself those same questions and going through a rebirth of sorts. Social media can be highly disruptive and distracting to my nervous system, especially during something as vulnerable and raw as a rebirth. Know that I am praying for each of you and if you need to get in contact with me to book a service or just to say hello, I can be reached via the website or

Please Stay Well, Stay Solid, and Stay Cute <3


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